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Pregame Your Brain- Your Ever-Changing Brain

Join braiNY at Caveat as we present Pregame Your Brain: Your Ever-Changing Brain! Scientists refer to the brain as plastic not because it bounces when you drop it (it won’t, don’t try it at home), but because it is always changing as we learn and relate to the world around us. Join the braiNY team as they explore how the brain adapts, learns, and communicates with YOUR brain!

Friday, September 21, 6pm-8pm (drop in anytime!)
Tickets: FREE with advanced RSVP,  or $5 at the door

World Science Festival City of Science, Staten Island

Join braiNY at the World Science Festival City of Science, a larger-than-life, touring event where the wondrous properties of science, technology, engineering, and math collide! Filled with interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, and enormous exhibitions, this free program unleashes everyone’s inner scientist.

September 23, 2018 | 10:00AM-4:00PM
College of Staten Island | RSVP HERE


10 thoughts on “braiNY Events

  1. Went yesterday to the fair in Mt. Sinai, simply wonderful and so informative, thanks for putting up such a great event

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