braiNY Events

Complete braiNY 2017 event information is coming soon! Check the pull down menu for details of all the events.


NOTE: Due to the weather, events on Tuesday, March 14 are cancelled, including both brain fairs, successful aging, and the AMNH game night.



Why are we Brain Awareness Week partners? Find out more from the Dana Foundation and some of our braiNY members by watching this fun video.

For more information on Brain Awareness Week, please watch this short video from the Dana Foundation.

thank youThank you to our volunteers and supporting institutions!

The NYC Brain Awareness Celebration is made possible by braiNY volunteers and sponsors. We would like to publicly acknowledge their hard work and commitment to bringing neuroscience to their communities in fun and engaging ways.

braiNY organizers
2015 Brain Awareness Week Co-Chairs
Ted Altschuler, Ph.D. and Heather Bowling, Ph.D. Ted is a Research Fellow at the Sheryl & Daniel R. Tishman Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Heather is Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Neural Science, New York University.

President, Greater NYC Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience:
Kelley Remole, Ph.D. , Director of Neuroscience Outreach, Zuckerman Institute, Columbia University

Incoming President,,Greater NYC Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience:
Heather McKellar, Ph.D., Program Manager New York University Neuroscience Institute, and  Founder and Director of NOGN, New York University

braiNY supporters
braiNY event partners include American Museum of Natural History, ArtLab, BioBase, BioBus, The Child Mind Institute, Cornelia St. Café, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, InterSpace, Mount Sinai Beth Israel, NerdNite, NYU Neuroscience Institute, The NY Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities, Queens College, The Rubin Museum, Story Collider, and The Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute at Columbia University.

Special thanks to the Dana Foundation, New York University,  the Zuckerman Institute at Columbia University, , Drom, Dharma Yoga Center, NYU Langone Rusk Rehabilitation Center, NYU Center for Neural Science and AARP for their event support. braiNY would not be possible without the generous support and encouragement of the Dana Foundation, which founded Brain Awareness Week and is an integral part of braiNY efforts


10 thoughts on “braiNY Events

  1. Went yesterday to the fair in Mt. Sinai, simply wonderful and so informative, thanks for putting up such a great event

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