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ULTIMATE SCIENCE SUNDAY at the World Science Festival, June 4, 2017

Thanks to our friends at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine for letting us borrow this fin whale brain. The brain in the bucket is just the right half of the brain from a 63ft female whale and it is missing the cerebellum! Look at how it compares to the rabbit brain (far right in brain block).


Yes that is a real human brain! Learn more about your brain and fascinating neuroscience research at from the Society for Neuroscience.

Missed the fair or just can’t get enough? Make your own thaumatrope with the instructions found here and demonstrate how “persistence of vision” works. Find other activities to do at home on our resources page.


Thank you to all our great braiNY volunteers for another amazing year of Brain Awareness Week Events! Snow and cold weather may have hampered some of our events, but our scientists persisted in their love of all things braiNY!


The brain is AWESOME! Photo from event at the New York Hall of Science.

neuroyoga 2Neuroyoga attracted yogis and brain enthusiasts to learn more about how exercise and meditation affect the brain.


Sheep brain dissections at the Biobase had a standing-room only audience. Want more? Science Saturdays, after school programs, and summer camps immerse kids in science. Find out more information.

10 thoughts on “braiNY Events

  1. Went yesterday to the fair in Mt. Sinai, simply wonderful and so informative, thanks for putting up such a great event

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