Know Science: More than a feeling: how stress alters the brain by Dr. Rosemarie Perry

Title: “More than a Feeling: how Stress Alters the Brain” by Dr. Rosemarie Perry

Time: (Date and time): 15th March 6:30-8:00

Location: The Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute. Location: the Education Lab in the Jerome L. Greene Center, 605 West 129th Street, New York NY 10027 Registration: N/A

Audience: teenagers/adults
Information: Feeling worn out? Run down? Under pressure? Stress is a pesky feeling we have all experienced at one point or another, and is a natural, adaptive coping response. But what exactly is stress? And when does too much of it become harmful? In this talk, Dr. Perry will discuss the science of stress and how it operates in our bodies, as well as scientifically proven ways to combat stress. By tuning into our bodies, we can build resilience to stress. Don’t worry…Know Science!

Link to more information/website: a-feeling-how-stress-alters-the-brain/