Know Science: The Science of Vision: is perception really reality? by Dr. Tiago Siebert Altavini

Title: “The Science of Vision: is Perception really Reality?” by Dr. Tiago Siebert Altavini

Time: (Date and time): 14th March 6:30-8:00
Location: The Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute. Location: the Education Lab in

the Jerome L. Greene Center, 605 West 129th Street, New York NY 10027

Registration: N/A
Audience: teenagers/adults
Information: We rely heavily on visual perception to guide ourselves around the world. Our brain is very good at processing visual information about different shapes, colors and brightness variations. However, the meaning of an object is not an intrinsic physical feature of the object, but is also defined by internal representations in our brain, often based on past experience. Thus visual perception is not just the processing of information about the physical attributes of what we see, but the combination of these with the internal representations the brain already has. How is it that our memory and expectations influence our visual perception? That’s what we are trying to find out.

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