Pint of Science presents: The Art of Perception

Time: Sunday, March 13th from 7­10pm

Location: DROM at 85 Avenue A (b/w 5th & 6th St) in East Village

Registration: Register at for your FREE tickets.

Audience: 21+ with valid ID.

Information: Our ability to “sense” allows us to navigate safely, evade harm, and even socialize, but what happens when our brain inaccurately perceives signals from the outside world? At this event we will dive into the biology behind perception, from the organs that sense external cues to the neuronal response in the brain. Jim Hudspeth will take us into the inner ear to explain how hundreds of thousands of tiny hairs allow us to hear a diverse range of sounds. Paula Croxson will discuss how memory helps the brain interpret, and sometimes misinterpret, the signals it receives from the outside world. Come celebrate Brain Awareness Week with us over a beer and sensational science!

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