Attention NYC High School Teachers!

Columbia University’s Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute is now accepting applications to its brain science program for science teachers, the Brain Insight Teacher-Scholar program. The deadline is next week (June 9). Please help them spread the word to NYC high school science teachers that they are now recruiting for the third year of their program, which runs on weekdays from September to May. See more information on the website.

Neuroscience Resources

Auditory Neuroscience Information

Brain Facts via SfN  

The Brain Question (ask a scientist) 

Dana Brain Resources for Seniors

Dana BrainWeb

Frontiers for Young Minds

The Homunculus 

The Homunculus Mapper 

Neuro Links

Neuroscience Lesson Plans 

Neuroscience demonstrations for the classroom  

Outreach Resources

Did you miss the Brain Awareness webinar? The full recording is now available on! The ABCs of BAW webinar helps BAW first-timers and dedicated supporters get ideas for new activities and learn best practices for planning and running successful events. Visit the webinar page on today to view the full recording, review the slides, and download itineraries to help you make use of Brain Awareness Week resources on Get inspired to bring BAW into your community!

Chapter co-president and braiNY organizer Dr. Kelley Remole discusses the importance of neuroscience outreach and how initiatives such as braiNY impact the public as well as the scientists who contribute. She is interviewed by the Artistic Director of Imagine Science Films, Alexis Gambis, in Image Science podcast series Experimenta. Watch here

To download a copy of our 2013 Society for Neuroscience Theme H poster, please click here: SfN 2013 poster.

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